Furbaby Fashions: Home (Where the Heart)

Join the Party – come on in!

There’s always a party going on with the A-list Animals and your furbabies are invited to the gala.  Dress code is in effect. Can you see your little baby looking fine on the (hair-covered) red carpet? A bow tie and tails? How about a hair bow and fur? Furmal attire? Bandito Bandanas for grand adventures?

Furbaby Fashions brings you and your furbaby finely handcrafted fashion items to take cuteness over the top. Not only will you have the best dressed puppy or kitty in your holiday photos, but you can show the world your love by carrying adorable pet-themes accessories with you when you’re out and about (Picking up litter, chew toys, kibble…)

Our (Ha! I’m the only one who works around here!) … our list of ready-to-ship items will be available soon, but custom orders can be shipped in 2-3 weeks.

Bow ties

Hair bows

Pooch Pouch carrier bags

Wag Bag pick up kits


Handbags and totes in paw themed fabrics

Commitment to domestic animal welfare:

I am working with a small team of other certifiably crazy animal lovers to design and create a sanctuary for abandoned, unwanted, ill, aged or feral pets. I have committed to giving 30% of all profits from Furbaby Fashions to the founding and startup of Zod Complex. I also make and donate crate beds from upcycled materials to local shelter and rescue organizations.

For the love of furbabies,